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Romeo Explores The City 精裝繪本

Romeo the dog is a much-loved character created by Alain Gree in the 1960s. Always meaning well but sometimes a little bit clumsy and accident-prone, Romeo finds himself on a variety of adventures all of which have a happy ending! Button books have created an exciting new series aimed at young children (1-3) using Romeo as the central character.

In each title Romeo is exploring a new environment and needs help in identifying what will appear on the following page from the clue given. For example, what do you call a big red lorry with a ladder on its roof? [turn the page] A fire engine. Where do we go to play in the city? [turn page] The park. Where can we see lots of animals in the city? [turn the page] The zoo. Each answer will be illustrated with Alain’s much-loved illustrations. Other titles in the series include Romeo Explores the Farm, Romeo Explores the Seaside and Romeo Explores the Countryside.
  • 尺寸18x18cm
  • 材質精裝 / 22頁
  • ISBN9781908985996
  • 作者Alain Gree
  • 出版社Button Books
  • 出版日期2017-10-01
  • 年終特賣會-英國Button books 出版社全面85折(全系列消費滿2000元贈色鉛筆)
NT384 NT325